Dalam Hati ada Taman.

Dalam hati ada taman. Phfft~ whatever. *roll eyes.

I know this is late but I just copied and watched the movie Biar Mimpi Sampai ke Bintang today since I don't have anything to do and I don't have any other movie to watch...  it's a good movie tho..I regret nothing watching this one. I should've watch this long time ago..heheh.. plus Elfira Loy is beautiful .. :p

The ending was predictable since it's a very typical movie with the romance between two different people of different backgrounds..where the rich one wanted to find sincerity in friendship so he pretended to be the poor guy and whatnot...bla bla bla...but i cried anyway. *sobs. Am i a freak or what? HAHAH! but seriously those rains and tears scene...then there's that public confession stuffs... They never gets old...*Tsk.  is it some kind of trend or what? LOL! that was actually funny but in a cute way. heh.

Anyhow! since I watched the movie , I am now officially one of le Randy Pangalila and Elfira Loy's fan. Or at least I think they're both so cute being paired up together.

Oh and what's up with le Dalam Hati ada Taman post title? Well,  I am all fired up to watch the telemovie once again  directed by Michael Ang featuring the same actors of Biar Mimpi Sampai ke Bintang. I read somewhere that this telemovie will be aired around October this year on Astro Ria and also the filming will also involves Paris.  Woww~ I just can't wait to watch this one!! yayyy~ heheh :D

aaand another video...

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